Improve your Cash Flow with Element Finance’s Factoring and Invoice Discount services – whatever the size and age of your business.

In essence, a Factoring facility draws cash quickly into the business by converting your debtor book into readily available revenue, the security for the advance being the invoice itself.

The major reason for business problems or failure in the UK is the inability to collect money owed for goods and services supplied. Your company may be trading well and profitably but is starved of positive cash flow.

This financial service guarantees payment of all invoices issued up to 90% of invoice value – normally within 24 to 48 hrs from the time you issue the invoice.

Element Finance work with all the major UK factors and will provide the most appropriate scheme to suit your exact business profile. We provide a broad range of services including a unique confidential factoring service which ensures none of your clients know you are factoring.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting are rapidly growing in popularity and are used today, in some form or other, by around 25% of UK business owners. Whatever the size and age of your business if you would like to discuss the suitability and benefits then please for a no obligation discussion call us today to see how we can help or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.

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